Integreted English


1. MAY

@ May is used to make a polite request

ex : May I go to the toilet ?

( it means that somoene have a polite request and asking permission to another person to give permission)

@ May is used to give permission in formal

ex : You may check your score in your email address

( it means that someone giving permission with well to another person)

2. CAN

@ Ability / Possibility

ex : You can trust me if I can keep your secreet

( it means that someone can trust another person with ability the person have)

@ Asking Permission

ex : Can you lend me some money ?

( it means that someone asked if we need something from another person)


@ Promise

ex : I will be back to you (future)

( it means that someone giving promise to back)

@ Offer

ex : I will do that for you if you like

( it means that someone will do anything if somebody need to help)